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Buried Treasures

Too much music, not enough time. We know how it goes, and sometimes some great albums get lost in the shuffle. So this week, Jim and Greg shine a light on those cuts: this time joined by Alisha Sweeney of Colorado Public Radio's Indie 102.3.

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Musicians in Films

Jim and Greg have been thinking about acting a lot lately, as the 2020 Oscars are approaching. They each chose some of their favorite performances by musicians in film.

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Buried Treasures

With the sheer volume of music released every week there's always something good flying under the radar. Jim and Greg shine a light on those as often as possible- this time joined by The Current's morning host, Jade.

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Songs About Pot

Marijuana is a drug that has inspired tons of music across a variety of genres, including reggae, doom metal, country and hip hop. Jim and Greg discuss classic songs about weed and share some of their favorites.

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