CREEM Magazine & Opinions on Curtis Harding, Superchunk & Maren Morris, Plus Snail Mail


This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot celebrate the age-old tradition of the music review. First, they give their thoughts on records from Curtis Harding, Maren Morris and Superchunk. Then, they revisit their conversation with music journalist Jaan Uhelszki about the legendary CREEM magazine. They also hear from Snail Mail about the origin of her song "Forever (Sailing.)"

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If Words Were Flowers Curtis Harding

Curtis Harding If Words Were Flowers

Curtis Harding worked for years as a sideman to Atlanta artists like Outkast, Black Lips and CeeLo Green. Now his third solo album, If Words Were Flowers, is turning heads- including Jim and Greg's.

Wild Loneliness Superchunk

Superchunk Wild Loneliness

Superchunk have been making melodic punk-inspired music for more than 30 years now. Wild Loneliness is their first album since the politically-charged What A Time To Be Alive in 2018. Musically this album is more buoyant, but the lyrics are still dark and address the most challenging issues facing the real world.

Humble Quest Maren Morris

Maren Morris Humble Quest

Maren Morris is a pop star thanks to her role in the smash-hit single “The Middle" and a country star for being one of The Highwomen. Her solo albums have sold millions of copies. Her fifth is the new Humble Quest, and its production from Greg Kurstin may be too slick for its own good.

CREEM Magazine


Creem Magazine personified the idea of a rock and roll magazine, attracting writers like Lester Bangs and musicians like Patti Smith to their pages. Jaan Uhelszki was there in the thick of it and she shares many great stories with Jim and Greg.

Snail Mail


Snail Mail is the project of Lindsey Jordan. She explains how she found the inspiration for her song “Forever (Sailing).”

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