Ask the Critics, Hologram Tours & Opinions on Wire

This week, Jim and Greg answer listener questions in a segment called Ask the Critics! They‘ll give responses on subjects like musical taste, disagreements with each other and what it’s really like to be a professional critic. Plus, they'll talk to music journalist Mark Binelli about the rise of deceased musician hologram tours. They also review the new album from English art rock band Wire.

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Ask the Critics

16 Jim and Greg get asked questions all the time about their musical taste, what it's really like to be a critic and more. This week, they're answering some from the listeners.

  • Beachwood Reporter: "I've always been curious about their home listening habits. What do they listen to when they are off-duty, so to speak, and in what format/s?
  • John: "How's your hearing? And what do you do to protect it?"
  • Janet: "Who is your favorite musician/band and how do they inspire you?"
  • Kathryn: "What would you tell a kid who thinks they want to be a music critic? What does it take, the ups and downs of the job, how have things changed since you started?"
  • Jesse: "What is the best venue bathroom you have ever needed to use and what is the worst?"

Hologram Concert Tours

This week, Jim and Greg discuss the surge in tours led by holograms of deceased artists. From Frank Zappa to Roy Orbison, these concerts have proven to be quite successful in recent years, especially with continued advancements in the technology. Author and journalist Mark Binelli's recent piece for the New York Times Magazine is called Old Musicians Never Die. They Just Become Holograms.. The hosts talk with him about the viability of using holograms to reanimate a live-music industry whose biggest earners will soon be dying off.

reviewWire Mind Hive

Wire Mind Hive

On their 17th album, Mind Hive. the British art punks of Wire are still re-imagining their sound. The group's first three albums from the late 1970s are widely considered classics: Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, and 1 5 4. Each fleshed out a different sonic approach ("pure punk minimalist attack, expanding sound and full on syth pop," respectively according to Jim DeRogatis). Since then Wire has been taking apart those elements and reassembling them in different ways. Now Jim hears them nodding to groups that were influenced by those early albums like The Feelies. Greg says if Samuel Beckett were a band, he would be these guys, dryly narrating the end of the world.



“Can't Stop This Feeling I Got”Prince

Greg drops another coin into the Desert Island Jukebox, this time highlighting a recently unearthed demo recording by Prince. "Can't Stop This Feeling I Got" was originally released on the Graffiti Bridge soundtrack album in 1990. The demo recording, which is full of upbeat, new wave energy, was recorded years earlier, then shelved. It was released for the first time in 2019 for the Super Deluxe Edition of the classic album 1999. Greg notes that Prince plays every instrument on the demo which was recorded at his home studio, and adds that“most artists would be happy to have a catalogue”with only the 35 shelved cuts that comprise the bonus tracks of the box set.

Featured Songs

  1. Roy Orbison, In Dreams, In Dreams, Monument, 1963
  2. Thelonius Monk, Round Midnight, Genius of Modern Music, Blue Note, 1951
  3. Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Thrasher, Rust Never Sleeps, Reprise, 1979
  4. My Bloody Valentine, Only Shallow, Loveless, Sire, 1991
  5. The Velvet Underground, I'm Waiting for the Man, The Velvet Underground & Nico, Verve, 1967
  6. Wire, Ex Lion Tamer, Pink Flag, Harvest, 1977
  7. TacoCat, Hologram, This Mess Is A Place, Sub Pop, 2019
  8. Roy Orbison, Oh, Pretty Woman, Orbisongs, Monument, 1965
  9. Maria Callas, Gianni Schicchi, Act 1: O mio babbino caro (Lauretta), Pure Maria Callas, Warner Classics, 2014
  10. Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You, The Bodyguard, Arista, 1992
  11. Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Montana, Over-Nite Sensation, DiscReet, 1973
  12. Dio, Holy Diver, Holy Diver, Warner Bros., 1983
  13. Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Cheepnis, Roxy & Elsewhere, DiscReet, 1974
  14. Frank Zappa, Peaches En Regalia, Hot Rats, Reprise, 1969
  15. David Bowie, Starman, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, RCA, 1972
  16. Pink Floyd, Lucifer Sam, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Tower, 1967
  17. Prince, Baby I'm A Star, Purple Rain, Warner Bros., 1984
  18. Wire, Primed and Ready, Mind Hive, Pinkflag, 2020
  19. Wire, Cactused, Mind Hive, Pinkflag, 2020
  20. Wire, Be Like Them, Mind Hive, Pinkflag, 2020
  21. Wire, Unrepentant, Mind Hive, Pinkflag, 2020
  22. Captian Beyond, Sufficiently Breathless, Sufficiently Breathless, Capricorn, 1973
  23. Wire, Hung, Mind Hive, Pinkflag, 2020
  24. Wire, Oklahoma, Mind Hive, Pinkflag, 2020
  25. Wire, Off The Beach, Mind Hive, Pinkflag, 2020
  26. Prince, Can't Stop This Feeling I Got, 1999 (Super Deluxe Edition), Warner Bros., 2019
  27. Doctor Hook & The Medicine Show, Sylvia's Mother, Doctor Hook, Columbia, 1972
  28. King Crimson, The Court of the Crimson King, In The Court of the Crimson King, Island, 1969
  29. King Crimson, Starless, Red, Island, 1974
  30. King Crimson, Epitaph, In The Court of the Crimson King, Island, 1969
  31. 2Pac, Keep Ya Head Up, Keep Ya Head Up, Interscope, 1993