Low Live on Sound Opinions, RIP Loretta Lynn & Anton Fier


Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot revisit Low’s 2011 session on Sound Opinions in honor of singer and drummer Mimi Parker, who died in November. The hosts also pay tribute to Loretta Lynn and drummer Anton Fier, who also died in 2022.

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Low on Sound Opinions


The Duluth, Minnesota band Low had two consistent members over their decades of music: husband and wife team of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker. They recorded an in-studio session for Sound Opinions in 2011 after their album “C'mon” was released. Following in the musical legacy of The Velvet Underground and Galaxie 500, Low's music appears simple, but there is musical complexity beneath the surface, which fueled 13 studio albums. Mimi Parker died in November at age 55.



Loretta Lynn was a country superstar. She died in October at age 90. Jim and Greg each play a song in tribute to Lynn. Anton Fier was a more obscure musician, playing drums in many groups including The Feelies and The Golden Palominos. Jim and Greg play a song each from both of those groups and share their personal experiences seeing him play.

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