Life During Wartime: Trupa Trupa & Tamar Aphek


Geopolitical conflict doesn’t stop great music from being made- often it influences it. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk with Poland’s Trupa Trupa, a band that has always been haunted by the tragic history of its homeland. They also revisit an interview with Israeli musician Tamar Aphek from last year. 

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Trupa Trupa


Grzegorz Kwiatkowski of the Polish psychedelic band Trupa Trupa is a poet and activist who admits he has an obsession with death. He talks about his efforts to keep Poland from erasing the genocide that happened there in World War II and how the current war in Ukraine has recontextualized his band's new album.

Tamar Aphek

Tamar Aphek All Bets Are Off

Tamar Aphek has a background in classical and jazz music, but has gone all in on noisey rock and roll with her album All Bets Are Off. Speaking from her home in Israel, Aphek talks about her production choices and her interest in how music sounds. She also comments on the music scene in Israel and how she was encouraged by Monotonix to pursue her own path in music.

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