The Velvet Underground with Dir. Todd Haynes, Opinions on Ray BLK & illuminati hotties


Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot have long praised The Velvet Underground as one of the most important bands of the rock era. This week they review the new documentary film on the band and interview director Todd Haynes. Plus they review new albums by Illuminati Hotties and Ray BLK. 

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The Velvet Underground Documentary


Music fans everywhere have been talking about the first major documentary on one of rock's most influential bands, The Velvet Underground. Jim and Greg share their thoughts on the film as life-long Velvets fans and scholars. Then, Jim has a conversation with the film's director Todd Haynes.

Access Denied Ray BLK

RAY BLK Access Denied

Ray BLK is a London-dwelling singer-songwriter who was born in Nigeria. She's been releasing music for the past five years, but only recently released her debut album, Access Denied. Jim and Greg are both fans, but with different levels of enthusiasm.

Let Me Do One More Illuminati Hotties

illuminati hotties Let Me Do One More

Jim and Greg review the third album from producer Sarah Tudzin's project Illuminati Hotties, Let Me Do One More. They're impressed by her growth as an artist and producer, though Greg is more excited than Jim.

Listener Segment

The guys hear from some listeners.

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