Buried Treasures, Biz Markie & Damon Locks


Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share some music you may have missed that you need to hear. We call these songs buried treasures. Plus, they talk with Damon Locks about his Black Monument Ensemble project, bid farewell to Biz Markie and hear from some listeners. 

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Buried Treasures

Jim and Greg share “buried treasures” including a Nigerian-American soul band, a Canadian psychedelic shoegaze band and a new foursome from Liverpool.


  • Polo & Pan, "Les jolies choses"
  • Swt Valli Hi, "Over It"
  • Comet Control, "Secret Life"


  • The Mysterines, “Who’s Ur Girl
  • Jaimie Branch, “theme 001 (Live)"
  • BLK JKS, “Maiga Mali Mansa Musa

Damon Locks


Damon Locks is a longtime musician beginning with fronting the early ‘90s post-punk band Trenchmouth, which also featured a pre-Saturday Night Live Fred Armisen. Locks’s current project is Black Monument Ensemble, which combines sound collage, free jazz and gospel music into a potent soundtrack for the fight for justice. Their full album is called Now.

Obit: Biz Markie


The rapper Biz Markie died on July 16 at age 57. Greg pays tribute while also pointing out how legal battles over sampling overshadowed the great music Markie made in his life.

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