Songs About Time, Ask the Critics Pt. 2

Let's "Rock Around the Clock" like Bill Haley told us to! 2020 is another leap year, Daylight Savings is around the corner and this week, Jim and Greg explore their favorite Songs About Time. They also answer more listener questions for another edition of Ask the Critics, ranging from their personal experiences making music to their biggest disagreements.

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Songs About Time

Ready to rock around the clock? This week, Jim and Greg play their favorite Songs About Time.


Ask the Critics Pt. 2


Jim and Greg continue answering listener questions this week! Listen to part one here.

  • Kim: "Have you ever been in a major fight over a musical disagreement? (If yes, DETAILS!)"
  • Daniel Bass: "How do you feel that being in Chicago, rather than music industry hubs like New York, LA or Nashville, affects the show."
  • Raquel: "Could you please talk about T.V. series and their soundtracks? Not the old ones, but what we're currently viewing. How does pop music contribute to the narrative, etc.?"
  • Dan LoPresti: "What are the origins of the Eno bell? Explain the Brian Eno ding. I know Eno at a general level. Is the ding a name-dropping thing?"
  • Ben Gart: "Have you ever talked about your own adventures in creating and performing music?"

Featured Songs

  1. Fairport Convention, Who Knows Where The Time Goes?, Unhalfbricking, Island, 1969
  2. Pink Floyd, Time, The Dark Side of the Moon, Harvest, 1973
  3. Ice Cube, It Was a Good Day, The Predator, Priority, 1992
  4. The Dukes of Stratosphear, 25 O'Clock, 25 O'Clock, Virgin, 1985
  5. Bill Haley & His Comets, Rock Around the Clock, Rock Around the Clock, Decca, 1955
  6. The Easybeats, Friday on My Mind, It's 2 Easy, Repertoire, 1966
  7. The Chambers Brothers, Time Has Come Today, The Time Has Come, Columbia, 1967
  8. The Roots, The OtherSide, Undun, Def Jam, 2011
  9. Dr. John, Right Place, Wrong Time, Right Place, Wrong Time, Atco, 1973
  10. The Rolling Stones, Time Is on My Side, 12 X 5, London, 1964
  11. Sharon Van Etten, Every Time the Sun Comes Up, Are We There, Jagjaguwar, 2014
  12. Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Time, Destiny Street, Red Star, 1982
  13. Destiny's Child, Independent Women Pt. I, Charlie's Angels, Columbia, 2000
  14. Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run, Born to Run, Columbia, 1975
  15. The Fiery Furnaces, Even In the Rain, I'm Going Away, Thrill Jockey, 2009
  16. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Red Right Hand, Let Love In, Mute, 1994
  17. Fontella Bass, This Would Make Me Happy, This Would Make Me Happy (Single), Sonja, 1964
  18. Graham Coxon, Walking All Day, The End of the Fucking World, Graham Coxon, 2018
  19. Brian Eno, Fickle Sun (III) I'm Set Free, The Ship, Opal, 2016
  20. U2, With Or Without You, The Joshua Tree, Island, 1987
  21. Vortis, Fire and Fury, This Machine Kills Facists, Vortis, 2019
  22. The Beatles, Octopus's Garden, Abbey Road, Apple, 1969
  23. David Bazan, Won't Let Go, Strange Negotiations, Barsuk, 2011
  24. NRBQ, Ridin' In My Car, All Hopped Up, Outline, 1977
  25. King Crimson, Epitaph, In the Court of the Crimson King, Island, 1969
  26. Delay in Orbit, On Motion, Light, And Sound, On Motion, Light, And Sound, Western Pleasure, 2015
  27. Mr. Husband, Dreamdriver, Silvertone, Yellow K, 2016