Songs We Love By Bands We Don’t, Opinions on Nick Cave & Farewell to Ginger Baker & Kim Shattuck


Have you ever listened to a song and loved it, only to find out it's by an artist you can't stand? Jim and Greg will explore the concept of great songs by horrible artists and share a few of their favorites. Plus they'll review Ghosteen from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and pay tribute to drummer Ginger Baker and The Muffs' Kim Shattuck.

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Songs We Love By Bands We Don’t

It can be rare, but every once in a while Jim and Greg find a track they really dig... by an artist they really don't. This week, the hosts share great songs by artists that they otherwise can't stand, from Don Henley to The Cult.


  • The Cult "She Sells Sanctuary"
  • Mellow Man Ace "Mentirosa"
  • Don Henley "Boys of Summer"
  • The Killers "Somebody Told Me"


  • Stevie Nicks "Edge of Seventeen"
  • Bruce Springsteen "Candy’s Room"
  • Tom Cohrane "Life Is a Highway"
  • N.W.A. "F*** tha Police"

Ghosteen Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are an art rock band that just put out its 17th album, Ghosteen. After the tragedy of suddenly losing his 15-year-old son in 2015, Cave has been making music that's more contemplative and ambient, and Ghosteen is no exception. Initially, Greg thought the record was a dud, but really did a 180. He was incredibly moved by the album and how Cave is confronting loss and depression head-on with thoughtful music. Jim couldn't disagree more. He finds Cave's lyrics to be contrived and misses his more energetic, punk-infused work.

Ginger Baker


Drummer and Cream co-founder Ginger Baker recently died at age 80. He was supremely talented and passionate specifically about African rhythmns and jazz. Greg chooses the track "White Room" by Cream to highlight just what a game-changing drummer he really was.

Kim Shattuck and Ed Ackerson

ed ackerson

Before Jim memorialized the late Muffs' lead singer Kim Shattuck, he wanted to say farewell to an old Minneapolis compatriot, Ed Ackerson. Ackerson was a member of impactful bands like Polara, the 27 Various, the Dig and produced for artists like Soul Asylum, the Jayhawks and the Replacements. He died recently at age 54.

kim shattuck

Kim Shattuck, who sang lead vocals and played guitar in her band the Muffs, died recently as well at age 56 from ALS. Kim and the punk band the Muffs were signed to Warner Brothers Records and they made several artistically successful albums. Most famously, their cover of "Kids in America" was featured prominently in the film Clueless.

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