Roxy Music

Jim and Greg dig into Roxy Music's influential 1972 self-titled debut album. They get the inside story of the recording of Roxy Music with former Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera, and discuss the album's lasting impact.

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Roxy Music Roxy Music

This week, Jim and Greg tackle Roxy Music's 1972 self-titled debut album. Fronted by songwriter and vocalist Bryan Ferry, the English glam rock band combined the talents of bassist Graham Simpson, multi-reedist Andy Mackay, synth player Brian Eno, drummer Paul Thompson, and guitarist Phil Manzanera. Phil joined Jim and Greg to talk about Roxy's early years.

Reaping from sources as varied as avant-garde electronic composition, jazz, Berlin cabaret, glam rock, and American crooners, Roxy's hyper-eclectic style“didn't sound like anything else”in popular music in 1972, according to Greg. Ferry has cited the work of his mentor, pop collage artist Richard Hamilton, as an inspiration for his own catch-all musical aesthetic. As Greg observes, Roxy Music marked a new era in which "rock was a wide-open playing field, and you could do anything with it."

Critics took notice - the record was well-received upon its release and is frequently included on Best Album lists. Though the group went its separate ways in 1983, Roxy Music profoundly influenced musical genres to come, from post-punk and the New Romantic movement to Britpop—and it can all be traced back to the group's delightfully wacky debut album.

Featured Songs

  1. Roxy Music, Would You Believe, Roxy Music, Island, 1972
  2. Led Zeppelin, Black Dog, Led Zeppelin IV, Atlantic, 1971
  3. Bread, Make It With You, On the Waters, Elektra, 1970
  4. Jethro Tull, Tales of Your Life, Thick as a Brick, Chrysallis, 1972
  5. T. Rex, Mambo Sun, Electric Warrior, Fly, 1971
  6. Roxy Music, 2 H.B., Roxy Music, Island, 1972
  7. Roxy Music, Chance Meeting, Roxy Music, Island, 1972
  8. Roxy Music, Ladytron, Roxy Music, Island, 1972
  9. Roxy Music, Ladytron, Roxy Music: 45th Anniversary Edition, Virgin, 2017
  10. Roxy Music, Re-Make, Re-Model, Roxy Music, Island, 1972
  11. Roxy Music, The Bob (Medley) - John Peel Radio Session London 1972, Roxy Music: 45th Anniversary Edition, Virgin, 2017
  12. Roxy Music, Sea Breezes, Roxy Music, Island, 1972
  13. Roxy Music, India, Avalon, E.G., 1982
  14. Roxy Music, The Bob (Medley), Roxy Music, Island, 1972
  15. Roxy Music, If There Is Something, Roxy Music, Island, 1972
  16. Roxy Music, Virginia Plain, Roxy Music (U.S. Edition), Reprise, 1972
  17. Stereolab, Percolator, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Duophonic, 1996
  18. Moby, Honey, Play, Mute, 1999
  19. Aphex Twin, Bucephalus Bouncing Ball, Come to Daddy (EP), Warp, 1997
  20. The Cars, Getting Through, Panorama, Elektra, 1980
  21. The Cars, Let's Go, Candy-O, Elektra, 1979
  22. David Bowie, Let's Dance, Let's Dance, EMI, 1983
  23. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Spellbound, Juju, Polydor, 1981
  24. Grace Jones, Love Is the Drug, Warm Leatherette, Island, 1980
  25. Mission of Burma, Secrets, Vs., Ace of Hearts, 1982
  26. Beach Boys, Had to Phone Ya, 15 Big Ones, Brother/Reprise, 1976
  27. Fountains of Wayne, A Dip in the Ocean, Sky Full of Holes, Yep Roc, 2011
  28. Eddie Fisher, Cindy Oh Cindy, Cindy Oh Cindy (single), RCA Victor, 1956
  29. Margot Eskens, Cindy Oh Cindy, Cindy Oh Cindy (single), Polydor, 1956
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  31. Phil Phillips and the Twilights, Sea of Love, Sea of Love (single), Mercury Records, 1959