Songs About the Music Industry & Antibalas

Music Industry

What happens when artists take a look inward at the music business? Jim and Greg play the best Songs About the Music Industry. Then, they sit down with the dynamic Antibalas, an Afrobeat orchestra.

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Songs About the Music Industry

Rock ā€˜nā€™ roll is all about railing against the "man." And for musicians, there's no bigger man than the record business. Some songs celebrate music's great A&R men and women or label heads. Many more skewer the suits. Here are Jim and Greg's favorites:


  • Graham Parker, "Mercury Poisoning"
  • Aimee Mann, "Nothing is Good Enough"
  • Blackalicious, "Deception"
  • Sex Pistols, "E.M.I."


  • Public Enemy, "Caught, Can I Get a Witness"
  • Patti Smith's cover of "So You Wanna Be a Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll Star"
  • Local H, "Laminate Man"
  • Pink Floyd, "Have a Cigar"


Jim and Greg are joined by Antibalas, a Brooklyn-based afrobeat band. The 12-piece group has specialized in socially aware horn-heavy music inspired by afrobeat artists like Fela Kuti. They've recorded 6 albums, and have also collaborated with other artists like Mark Ronson and The Dap-Kings. The group spoke with Jim and Greg about the messages in their music, notable collaborations, and about how the changing music industry has impacted a band their size.

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