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World Tour – New Zealand & Opinions on Lorde

Featured Songs

  1. Lorde, Green Light, Melodrama, Republic, 2017
  2. Lorde, Royals, Pure Heroine, Republic, 2013
  3. Lorde, Perfect Places, Melodrama, Republic, 2017
  4. Lorde, Writer in the Dark, Melodrama, Republic, 2017
  5. Lorde, The Louvre, Melodrama, Republic, 2017
  6. The Clean, Tally Ho!, Tally Ho! (single), Flying Nun, 1981
  7. The Bats, Tragedy, Daddy's Highway, Flying Nun, 1987
  8. Look Blue Go Purple, Cactus Cat, LBGPEP2, Flying Nun, 1986
  9. The Clean, Fish, Great Sounds Great, Good Sounds Good, So-So Sounds So-So, Bad Sounds Bad, Rotten Sounds Rotten!!, Flying Nun, 1982
  10. The Enemy, Pull Down the Shades, Live at the Beneficiaries Hall, unreleased, 1978
  11. Toy Love, Swimming Pool, Toy Love, Deluxe, 1980
  12. The Chills, Rolling Moon, Rolling Moon (single), Flying Nun, 1982
  13. The Clean, Anything Could Happen, Boodle Boodle Boodle, Flying Nun, 1981
  14. The Chills, Kaleidoscope World, Dunedin Double, Flying Nun, 1982
  15. The Verlaines, The Lady and the Lizard, Hallelujah - All The Way Home, Flying Nun, 1985
  16. The Verlaines, Death and the Maiden, Death and the Maiden (single), Flying Nun, 1983
  17. The Chills, Pink Frost, Pink Frost (single), Flying Nun, 1984
  18. Sneaky Feelings, Throwing Stones, Send You, Flying Nun, 1983
  19. Split Enz, I Got You, True Colours, A&M, 1980
  20. Bailter Space, Robot World, Robot World, Flying Nun, 1993
  21. Straitjacket Fits, She Speeds, Hail, Flying Nun, 1988
  22. Headless Chickens, Cruise Control, Body Blow, Flying Nun, 1991
  23. The Bats, Made Up In Blue, Made Up In Blue (single), Flying Nun, 1986
  24. The Human Instinct, Black Sally, Stoned Guitar, AIR, 1970
  25. Herbs, Light of the Pacific, Light of the Pacific, Warrior, 1983
  26. Upper Hutt Posse, E Tu, E Tu (single), Jayrem, 1988
  27. Scribe, Not Many, The Crusader, Dirty, 2003
  28. Aldous Harding, Imagining My Man, Party, 4AD, 2017
  29. Kane Strang, My Smile is Extinct, Two Hearts and No Brain, Dead Oceans, 2017
  30. Electric Wire Hustle, They Don't Want, Electric Wire Hustle, Every Waking Hour, 2009
  31. Lord Echo, Makossa No. 3, Harmonies, Soundway, 2017
  32. The Congos, Children Crying, Heart of the Congos, Black Art, 1977
  33. Violent Femmes, Telephone Book, 3, Slash, 1988
  34. Everything But The Girl, Driving, The Language Of Life, Atlantic, 1990
  35. John Prine, Paradise, John Prine, Atlantic, 1971
  36. Interpol, NYC, Turn On The Bright Lights, Matador, 2002
  37. Timber Timbre, Sewer Blues, Sincerely, Future Pollution, City Slang, 2017
  38. Matthew Ryan, (I Just Died) Like An Aviator, Hustle Up, Starlings, self-released, 2017