Best Albums of 2017...So Far

Best of 2017 So Far

There are still six months of 2017 left, but there are already lots of contenders for album of the year. Jim and Greg share some of their favorites of the far. Plus, we hear picks from Sound Opinions listeners.

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Top Albums of 2017... So Far

We're halfway through 2017, which means it's time to get a jump on the Best-Of Lists. Here are Jim and Greg's mid-year best Top 10 lists.


  • 1 Run the Jewels, 3
  • 2 Priests, Nothing Feels Natural
  • 3 Kendrick Lamar, DAMN.
  • 4 Sir the Baptist, Saint or Sinner
  • 5 Low Cut Connie, Dirty Pictures (part 1)
  • 6 She-Devils, She-Devils
  • 7 Ty Segall, Ty Segall
  • 8 Regrettes, Feel Your Feelings Fool!
  • 9 Aimee Mann, Mental Illness
  • 10 The Feelies, In Between


  • 1 Regrettes, Feel Your Feelings Fool!
  • 2 Rips, Rips
  • 3 Sneaks, It’s a Myth
  • 4 The Feelies, In Between
  • 5 Wire, Silver/Lead
  • 6 Danger Mouse, Resistance Radio: The Man in the High Castle Album
  • 7 Priests, Nothing Feels Natural
  • 8 R. Stevie Moore & Jason Faulkner, Make it Be
  • 9 Sir the Baptist, Saint or Sinner
  • 10 Kendrick Lamar, DAMN.
...and an honorable mention
  • Low Cut Connie, Dirty Pictures (part 1)

Some of our listeners weighed in with their picks of the Best of 2017 So Far, too:

  • Megan - Kendrick Lamar, "DAMN."
  • Ryan - Spoon, "Hot Thoughts"
  • Chris - Somi, "Petite Afrique"
  • Jeremy - Father John Misty, "Pure Comedy"

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