Driving Songs

Hit the road this summer with Jim and Greg's favorite Driving Songs.

Favorite Driving Songs
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Music News

Last week Jim and Greg discussed the death of pop icon Michael Jackson. But the news surrounding Jackson's death has not stopped. Neither has his impact on the music industry. Just this week Billboard announced that 9 out of 10 slots on the Top Pop Catalog Albums chart are Jackson titles. But, while his estate continues to make money, concert promoter AEG stands to lose millions. They will be refunding fans that purchased tickets to Jackson's fifty London shows -- $85 million worth of tickets to be exact.

In other sad music news, Sky Saxon, leader of the garage rock band The Seeds, also passed away last week. The news of his death was largely overshadowed by Michael Jackson coverage, so Jim and Greg wanted to pay tribute to Saxon during this episode. He was not a great musician, but had a tremendous attitude and a great impact on punk music. They play "Pushin’ Too Hard" in his honor.

Best Driving Songs

For many of us summer equals a road trip. And a road trip equals great Driving Music. During this episode Jim and Greg play their favorite driving songs.


  • Fine Young Cannibals, "Good Thing"
  • The Orb, "Toxygene"
  • Queens of the Stone Age, "Regular John"


  • Beach Boys, "Fun, Fun, Fun"
  • Kraftwerk, "Autobahn"
  • The Modern Lovers, "Roadrunner"

Shared Pick

  • Neu!, "Hallogallo"

Listeners’ Picks

Jim and Greg also hear some of your favorite driving songs. Here are what some of our listeners like to turn on in the car:

  • David from Chicago, IL: Wilco, "Passenger Side"
  • Mike from Wake Forest, NC: Alice Cooper, "Under My Wheels"
  • Tamara from Chicago, IL: Matt & Kim, "Daylight"

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