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Patti Smith's Horses & Opinions on Pusha T

Music News

In the technological age, many musicians take advantage of devices like iPhones and MacBooks to help them record music (like ideas for riffs, lyrics or melodies.) Apple realized how frequently people use the memos feature for this purpose and has created a new app called Apple Music Memos. It apparently will have more musician-friendly features, like the ability to loop and add additional instruments to a track. The audio will also be easier to send to collaborators and friends. So why is this news? Because artists as big as Taylor Swift use the iPhone memos feature to record music. This shows that with the advent of simple DIY recording methods, more and more people are creating and recording their own music (whether they are famous or not.)

Not to be outdone, Spotify is also making improvements. Think the Coke-Pepsi wars. They've acquired music services Soundwave and Cord Project. Soundwave's main function was as a communication platform for users around the world to discuss the music, and Cord Project was a tap-and-talk messaging service. Clearly Spotify wants to expand its communication features to make it more of an active application, rather than something just played in the background. Although it still outshines Apple Music with its number of users, Spotify is taking these additional steps to level the social playing field.