back to school

Back to School

Time to sharpen those #2 pencils. With classes back in session, it's time for Jim and Greg to present some more of their favorite Back-To-School songs. Plus, we remember the late, great neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks.

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Dr. Oliver Sacks

As critics, Jim and Greg have always suspected that music affects the brain, but they needed an expert to confirm their hypothesis. This week, we're re-broadcasting their interview with the late Dr. Oliver Sacks, author of the book Awakenings, which later went on to become a film starring Robin Williams. His 2007 book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain is a collection of anecdotes illustrating the powerful effects music can have on the brain. Sacks relays his clinical experiences working with a range of patients including individuals who struggle to connect with music's melody, Parkinsonian patients who depend on music's rhythm, and Alzheimer's patients who find comfort in music's emotion. These people use music as a lifeline and a way to connect to the world-something rock fans certainly understand.


Back-To-School Part 2

Hope you all brought an apple for the teacher – it's that time of year when classes are back in session. As a followup to their 2008 list of favorite Back-To-School songs, Jim and Greg are rematriculating to share a fresh batch of tunes.

Featured Songs

  1. The Flaming Lips, Brainville, Clouds Taste Metallic, Warner Bros., 1995
  2. The Clash, Lightning Strikes Twice, Sandinista!, Epic, 1980
  3. The Gaslight Singers, Bicycle Built For Two, Early 20th-Century Favorites, Reader's Digest, 2000
  4. Alice Cooper, School's Out, School's Out (Single), Warner Bros., 1972
  5. Jerry Lee Lewis, High School Confidential, High School Confidential (Single), Sun 296, 1958
  6. Larry Williams, Bad Boy, Bad Boy (Single), Specialty Records, 1959
  7. The Runaways, School Days, Waitin' for the Night, Mercury, 1977
  8. The Donnas, New Kid in School, Bitchin', Purple Feather, 2007
  9. Brenda Holloway, Play It Cool, Stay in School, Play It Cool, Stay in School (Single), Tamla, 1966
  10. Paul Simon, Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard, Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard (Single), Columbia, 1972
  11. Belle & Sebastian, Expectations, Tigermilk, Electric Honey, 1996
  12. Dolly Parton, Coat of Many Colors, Coat of Many Colors (Single), RCA Nashville, 1971
  13. Jeannie C. Riley, Harper Valley P.T.A., Harper Valley P.T.A. (Single), Plantation, 1968
  14. Hot Chip, Boy From School, The Warning, EMI, 2006
  15. Violent Femmes, Telephone Book, 3, Slash, 1989
  16. Bully, Picture, Feels Like, Columbia, 2015
  17. Johnny Mathis, Chances Are, Chances Are (Single), Columbia, 1957
  18. Mariah Carey, Always Be My Baby, Always Be My Baby (Single), Columbia, 1996
  19. The Isley Brothers, Who's That Lady Pts. 1&2, Who's That Lady (Single), United Artists, 1964

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