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Sound Opinions World Tour: Sweden & Atoms for Peace Review

Music News

For as long as we can recall, the music industry story has been a sad one, but perhaps there's a happy ending? It's taken 13 years, but music revenues are finally up, albeit by 3%. That's still cause for celebration, though. Digital music has been a big boost to the record biz, with its contribution to 30% of sales. Which artists are selling? No surprises here: Adeleand Carly Rae Jepsen are the reigning queens.

This week the Center for Copyright Information, which includes members of the RIAA, MPA and many ISP's, will begin to alert users engaged in illegal activity like piracy. The system hopes to be educational, rather than punitive. So, after“six strikes,”or alerts, a user may lose internet speed or be forced to watch videos about piracy. Will this be enough to curb a commonplace practice? We dunno, but here's a video to tell you more. And please note the exits to your right and left.