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The BellRays & Reviews of Tom Petty and Pharrell

Featured Songs

  1. New York Dolls,“Personality Crisis,”New York Dolls,
  2. New York Dolls,“Dance Like a Monkey,”One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This
  3. Pharrell,“Can I Have It Like That,”In My Mind
  4. Pharrell,“Keep It Playa,”In My Mind
  5. Jay-Z,“I Just Want to Love You,”(instrumental)
  6. The Bellrays,“Tell a Lie,”Have a Little Faith
  7. The Bellrays,“Pay the Cobra,”Have a Little Faith
  8. The Bellrays,“Have a Little Faith,”Have a Little Faith
  9. The Bellrays, Revolution Get Down, The Red, White and Black, 2003
  10. Tom Petty, Down South, Highway Companion, 11. Tom Petty,“Saving Grace,”Highway Companion, 2006
  11. Credits: David Johansen,“Frenchette,”From Pumps to Pompadour: The David Johansen Story, 2006