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Summer Songs & Reviews of AFI and Sonic Youth

Footnotes Dixie Chicks' tour revamped The Dixie Chicks' homepage Red State, Blue State? Billboard AFI's homepage Guide to goth AFI fan club The Cure Mutt Lange Summer begins“California Sun”lyrics The Beach Boys' homepage“All Summer Long” Patti Smith's homepage“Dancing Barefoot” Wire“Sand in My Joints”lyrics Wreckx-N-Effect“Rumpshaker”video Big Bad Voodoo Daddy“Mr. Heatmiser” The Year Without Santa Claus Sly & the Family Stone's homepage“Hot Fun in the Summertime” Bananarama's homepage“Cruel Summer”video The Replacements“I Will Dare” Weezer“El Scorcho”video The Pastels' homepage Cornelius remix Del tha Funkee Homosapien“Dr. Bombay” Sonic Youth's homepage Rather Ripped Jim O'Rourke Glen Branca Rhys Chatham's homepage Sonic Youth's ‘Goo’