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Songs in the Key of Life (Classic Album Dissection) & Opinions on Duffy and Daft Punk

TRON: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Tron: Legacy available on iTunes

Daft Punk Tron: Legacy

Kids of the '80s are excited about the revamped Tron movie. But what about the soundtrack? The original was composed by synth master Wendy Carlos, but Daft Punk were tasked with the music for Tron: Legacy. Like Carlos, the French duo merges electronica with symphonic music, but they aren‘t as successful. Jim hears some playful nods to video games and older synths, but there’s nothing that blows his mind. He doesn't see himself ever listening to this soundtrack again, so Jim gives it a Trash It rating. Greg isn't as harsh, but agrees that none of the music stands out. There are a lot of“toys,”and a handful of classic Daft Punk tracks, so he gives Tron: Legacy a Burn It.