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Winter 2010 Review Roundup & Jim's DIJ

The Fame Monster (Deluxe Version)The Fame Monster available on iTunes

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster

Lady Gaga was one of the top selling artists of 2009, and she doesn‘t appear to be going away in 2010. She’s launched a successful tour and released The Fame Monster — a deluxe version of her 2008 debut that comes equipped with eight new tracks. After seeing her in concert and listening to this release, Greg found himself won over. He didn't hear a duff track on The Fame Monster and wouldn't hesitate to encourage listeners to Buy It. Jim agrees, though noting that Lady Gaga doesn't need our money. He thinks Madonna comparisons are apt. Like the Material Girl, Lady Gaga is completely unoriginal. But she raids the underground in a smart, fun way. The Fame Monster gets a double Buy It.