Annual Turkey Shoot

Turkey Shoot 2009 & Opinions on Rihanna and Julian Casablancas

Sound Opinions' Annual Turkey Shoot: It's time to put those musical turkeys out of their misery…and ours. Tune in to hear Jim and Greg's biggest musical disappointments of 2009.

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Music News

It's entirely possible that two of 2009's biggest hits will have come from reality TV stars. This week both Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent and Adam Lambert from American Idol have new albums out. While neither singer actually won his or her respective talent competition, both are poised to have huge hit debuts. Boyle has already broken Amazon's record for most pre-sales, and some sources predict sales in the millions. Lambert shocked some audiences at last week's American Music Awards, but perhaps the controversial performance, or perhaps because of it, he could sell over 200,000 albums in his first week. Greg admires Lambert's attempt to break out of the pristine Idol mold, but doesn't think the record goes far enough.


Turkey Shoot 2009

Every year Jim and Greg celebrate Thanksgiving with the Sound Opinions Turkey Shoot. They take out the year's biggest musical turkeys-albums from normally great artists that fell flat. Hope you're hungry…here are six turkeys for your feast.

reviewRated R: RemixedRated R available on iTunes

Rihanna Rated R

Jim and Greg review two new albums-are they triumphs or turkeys? First up is Rated R, the 4th album from Rihanna. The pop singer blew up in 2007 with her song "Umbrella." She was recently in the news for an incident with boyfriend Chris Brown. While Brown was being sentenced for felony assault, Rihanna began working on Rated R. The result, for Greg, is surprisingly a record of substance. While Rihanna didn‘t write the songs, they are haunting and seem to directly address her abusive relationship. He never expected to say it, but Greg thinks this is one of the best records of the year. Jim agrees. He won’t go so far as to compare the pop star to the towering voices of Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin, but Jim thinks Rated R is a record of empowerment. It gets a double Buy It rating.

reviewPhrazes for the YoungIs This It available on iTunes

Julian Casablancas & The Strokes Is This It

The Strokes debut Is This It was recently named the best album of the decade by NME. Now the band's lead singer Julian Casablancas has released his first solo record, Phrazes for the Young. This is a left turn for Casablancas, and rightly so, according to Jim and Greg. It wouldn‘t have been a good move to try to do a Strokes album without the band. But, none of the experimentation panned out for Jim. He really wanted to like this album, but it ended up being a real turkey. Greg agrees-the songs just aren’t there. And neither is the tension between a strong rhythm section and Julian's dream vocals. Phrazes for the Young gets two Trash Its.


Featured Songs

  1. Susan Boyle,“I Dreamed a Dream,”I Dreamed a Dream, 2009
  2. Susan Boyle,“Daydream Believer,”I Dreamed a Dream, 2009
  3. Adam Lambert,“For Your Entertainment,”For Your Entertainment, 2009
  4. Ohio Players,“Jive Turkey,”Skin Tight, 1974
  5. Neil Young,“Cough Up The Bucks,”Fork in the Road, 2009
  6. The Gossip,“Dimestore Diamond,”Music for Men, 2009
  7. Pains of Being Pure at Heart,“Gentle Sons,”The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, 2009
  8. John Lennon,“Cold Turkey,”John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, 1970
  9. Wilco,“The Thanks I Get,”The Thanks I Get, 2007
  10. Andrew Bird,“Natural Disaster,”Noble Beast, 2009
  11. Chris Cornell,“Part of Me,”Scream, 2009
  12. Green Day,“Last Night on Earth,”21st Century Breakdown, 2009
  13. Bruce Springsteen,“Queen of the Supermarket,”Working on a Dream, 2009
  14. Bob Dylan,“Must Be Santa,”Christmas in the Heart, 2009
  15. Rihanna,“Russian Roulette,”Rated R, 2009
  16. Rihanna,“Stupid In Love,”Rated R, 2009
  17. Rihanna,“Rockstar 101,”Rated R, 2009
  18. Julian Casablancas,“11th Dimension,”Phrazes for the Young, 2009
  19. Julian Casablancas,“Ludlow St.,”Phrazes for the Young, 2009
  20. Various Artists,“The Prisoner Theme,”Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, 1998
  21. The Andrews Sisters,“The Telephone Song,”Music Lessons with the Andrews Sisters, 2003
  22. Dream Theater,“Pull Me Under,”Images and Words, 1992
  23. James Brown,“Mother Popcorn,”Sex Machine, 1970
  24. Paul Simon,“I Know What I Know,”Graceland, 1986

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