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Alejandro Escovedo & Review of Guns N' Roses

Chinese DemocracyChinese Democracy available on iTunes

Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy

Some fans thought this day would never come, but Guns N' Roses has finally released Chinese Democracy, their first album in 17 years. But, perhaps by Guns N' Roses we should say Axl Rose, since he is the sole surviving member. It would be hard for any album to live up to this many years of expectation, so Jim and Greg try to stick to the music when giving their review. Greg explains that Axl has gone farther on this album than he ever has before, and that is what is most aggravating as well as endearing about the singer. He's certainly a risk taker, but with great risks, of course, come great falls. Greg was impressed by some of the experimentation, but describes the record as sort of a Frankenstein monster. He recommends listeners Try It. Jim says there are so many elements — Spanish guitars, mellotrons, and even movie clips — that it's hard to just hear songs. But, he admits that with the exception of the ballads, half of the record isn't bad at all. He also gives it a Try It.