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Calexico & Opinions on AC/DC and Bob Dylan

Music News

A new British survey shows that people who illegally file-share can be deterred by warnings from their internet service providers (ISP's). Thus far letters, fines and lawsuits from record companies haven‘t discouraged music consumers from their illegal activity, so it seems that ISP’s might be their only hope. The question remains as to whether or not sharing files is really a crime, but as Jim points out, this puts ISP's on the level of institutions like the postal service, who monitor illegal activity.

Another study out of the UK links music tastes with personality. Jim and Greg have always gone by the motto that you are what you listen to. Now there is science to back that theory. Dr. Adrian North of Heriot-Watt University surveyed over 30,000 people to find out what your musical preferences say about you. Find out how you measure up.