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Sub Pop Records & Opinions on Beck and Fleet Foxes

Featured Songs

  1. Wilson Pickett, Land of 1000 Dances, The Exciting Wilson Pickett, Atlantic, 1966
  2. The Kinks, A Gallon of Gas, Low Budget, Arista, 1979
  3. Bowerbirds, In Our Talons, Hymns for a Dark Horse, Burly Time, 2007
  4. Soundgarden, Hunted Down, Screaming Life/Fopp, Sub Pop, 1990
  5. Green River, This Town, Rehab Doll/Dry As a Bone, Sub Pop, 1987
  6. Mudhoney, Touch Me I'm Sick, Touch Me I'm Sick, Sub Pop, 1988
  7. Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nevermind, Sub Pop, 1991
  8. Mudhoney, Mudride, Superfuzz Bigmuff, Sub Pop, 1988
  9. The Shins, Kissing the Lipless, Chutes Too Narrow, Sub Pop, 2003
  10. Sebadoh, Brand New Love, The Freed Weed, Homestead, 1990
  11. Tad, Jack Pepsi, 8-Way Santa, Sub Pop, 1991
  12. Afghan Whigs, Retarded, Up In It, Sub Pop, 1990
  13. L7, Shove, Smell the Magic, Sub Pop, 1991
  14. The Postal Service, Such Great Heights, Give Up, Sub Pop, 2003
  15. Nirvana, About a Girl, Bleach, Sub Pop, 1989
  16. Wolf Parade, The Grey Estates, At Mount Zoomer, Sub Pop, 2008
  17. The Afghan Whigs, Miles Iz Ded, Turn on the Water, Sub Pop, 1992
  18. Eric Matthews, Fanfare, It's Heavy in Here, Sub Pop, 1995
  19. Beck, Youthless, Modern Guilt, DGC, 2008
  20. Beck, Walls, Modern Guilt, DGC, 2008
  21. Beck, Replica, Modern Guilt, DGC, 2008
  22. Fleet Foxes, White Winter Hymnal, Fleet Foxes, Sub Pop, 2008
  23. Fleet Foxes, Your Protector, Fleet Foxes, Sub Pop, 2008
  24. Fleet Foxes, Meadowlarks, Fleet Foxes, Sub Pop, 2008
  25. Air France, Collapsing at Your Doorstep, No Way Down, Sincerely Yours, 2008
  26. The Nerves, Hanging on the Telephone, The Nerves, Nerves, 1976
  27. The Clash, I'm So Bored With The USA, The Clash, n/a, 1977
  28. The Talking Heads, Don't Worry About the Government, Talking Heads: 77, CBS, 1977
  29. The Blasters, American Music, American Music, SHOUT!, 1980