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Speaking of“girl power,”this week's guests have plenty. The Vivian Girls visit the studio to perform songs from their new album, Everything Goes Wrong, as well as a special cover. The band's current lineup consists of guitarist Cassie Ramone, bassist Katy Goodman, and drummer Ali Koehler. They discuss with Jim and Greg their quick rise to indie success and the challenges they face as three females on the road.

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Everything Goes WrongEverything Goes Wrong available on iTunes

Vivian Girls Everything Goes Wrong

Vivian Girls also have a new release called Everything Goes Wrong. The title might be referring to the year the band had following their successful self-titled debut. Not only did they lose their drummer, but guitarist/songwriter Cassie Ramone also went through a bad breakup. As Greg states, their pain is our pleasure. He loves this follow-up and hears a lot of musical growth. Jim agrees, adding that the Vivians' take on female sexuality is much needed in our culture. Everything Goes Wrong gets a double Buy It.

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Best Albums of 2008

Jim and Greg listened to hundreds of albums this year. Which ones soared to the top? Check out their lists for the Best Albums of 2008 below. You can also see what albums made the cut in years past in our Lists section.

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The Best Songs of 2008 - Mixtapes

At the end of the year, many music fans take on the challenging task of making a mixtape. And, Jim and Greg are no exception. They've both made compilations of their favorite songs of 2008.

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