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Cost of LivingCost of Living available on iTunes

Downtown Boys Cost of Living

Jim has been a Downtown Boys fan since he saw them perform at SXSW 2016, and describes them as“an undeniable force of nature.”On their new album, Cost of Living, the members of Downtown Boys are angry at today's sociopolitical climate and use their music to convey that anger, fighting the fight using "good humor, momentum, and the only good saxophone in punk rock history since X-Ray Spex." Greg names Victoria Ruiz the“perfect front woman for these times”and thinks "A Wall" is the song of the year. He also notes how producer Guy Picciotto, of Fugazi, highlights the band's excellent rhythm section. Given the sad events that occurred in Charlottesville this week, Jim calls Cost of Living an“antidote and inspiration.” Both give the album a Buy It.

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