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The Best Albums of 2017

It's Jim and Greg's favorite show of the year, where they get to reflect on the Best Albums of 2017. They also hear picks from listeners as well as the Sound Opinions production staff.

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Music News

Two names making a lot of news in recent weeks are Tyler the Creator and Odd Future. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is a hip-hop collective that has released a lot of mixtapes and free digital albums in the past few years, and they've been gaining quite a lot of attention and quite a reputation. Their style is characterized by skillful rapping, boundless energy and violent lyrics filled with rape and murder imagery. The central figure is Tyler the Creator, and his new album Goblin just made it to #5 on the Billboard chart. That's a feat for a group that usually releases free music and would turn the stomachs of most mainstream music fans. Jim and Greg are interested to see how big audiences respond as the group continues to tour. So far the shows have been chaotic to say the least. And they also wonder if Tyler and Odd Future can graduate from the shock tactics into something more meaningful.

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