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Return to Cookie MountainReturn to Cookie Mountain available on iTunes

TV on the Radio Return to Cookie Mountain

TV on the Radio's new album Return to Cookie Mountain is up for review next. The title comes from the name of a world in the Super Mario Bros. game series, solidifying the band's geek-cool status. TV on the Radio is known for its use of weird, atmospheric sound, as well as the falsetto vocals of its two singers, Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone. But on Return to Cookie Mountain, the band's first release on the major label Interscope, as opposed to the indie Touch and Go, these two features irritated Jim more than they pleased him. He would only Burn It. Greg, however, loves this original sound, and urges fans to Buy It.

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“Unknown Legend”Neil Young

The final Desert Island Jukebox pick of the year goes to Mr. DeRogatis. Both Jim and Greg had the pleasure of seeing Neil Young on his recent tour. Jim explains that there has never been a Young misstep live although such is not the case with his recordings. In particular, he was not originally a fan of the 1992 album Harvest Moon. But now he's motivated to give the album and its track "Unknown Legend" a second look. This shift was partly inspired by the use of the song in the new Jonathan Demme film Rachel Getting Married. Lead actor (and TV on the Radio frontman) Tunde Adebimpe sings "Unknown Legend," as part of his character's wedding vows, and Jim came to realize that it's a classic tune in the vein of other Young greats.

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