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  • In the New Year Jim and Greg resolve to answer more of your questions starting with Pete who asks,“How do you tell the difference between and album that's bad, and one that just isn't made for you?”Lee on Facebook adds,“Can you fairly review an artist you may think sucks. (This is meant as a serious question).” To make a long story short…yes (if you're a good critic). See Greg's Yanni reporting below.

  • Thomas in Maine leaves a voicemail asking about the best psychedelic bands of 2013. Greg recommends Wooden Shjips, Darkside, The Warlocks and Besnard Lakes.

  • Jonathan asks on Facebook,“Why such a preference for the underground?” Jim doesn't think they really have such a preference, especially now that underground music is so accessible online. But Greg admits that mainstream, major label acts are expected to appeal to as large a population as possible, and that often means buffing out the good edges.

  • "Chili Mac Klein" also posts: "How awkward is it to have to meet with a musician after you have slammed his/her work in the past?" Greg describes an interesting conversation with Neil Young in which he asks the singer why he kept doing this. But, for the most part, artists are good sports, especially if a critic does his or her homework and gives critiques with confidence.

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Skull WorshipSkull Worship available on iTunes

The Warlocks Skull Worship

Psychedelic rockers The Warlocks have undergone numerous shakeups and setbacks over the years, leaving many to wonder if the band would ever release new music. Yet, like a locomotive charging ever forward (a sound Jim likens to their music), The Warlocks just keep coming back. Jim is excited by the group's newest album, Skull Worship, finding its drones and incessant rhythms utterly hypnotizing. And while he admits the Shoegaze sound doesn't break any new ground, he still thinks nobody is doing it better. Jim says Buy It. Greg is less impressed by the album, feeling that the pace is too slow. He admits there are moments of greatness (mainly towards the beginning of the album), but altogether Skull Worship isn't a complete success. Greg says Burn It.

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“Shake the Dope Out”The Warlocks

Ray Manzarek's death gets Greg thinking about bands that have carried The Doors' dark L.A. aesthetic into the present day. For his DIJ, he goes with The Warlocks' 2002 album Phoenix. It wasn‘t just The Warlocks’ lyrics that were dark, he says, it was also their music. As many as ten players contributed to the band's moody, wall-of-sound onstage. The lyrics to "Shake the Dope Out" could be about drugs, but Greg thinks they could also be referring to the overwhelming feeling of the band's music.

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The Best Songs of 2013 - Mixtapes

We‘ve said goodbye to 2013, and now we want to salute the tunes that wowed us. There’s no better way than with a personal mixtape from Jim and Greg to you.

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