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Best Coast

Jim and Greg are joined by the members of Best Coast. The indie trio, named for lead singer Bethany Cosentino's beloved California region, has a unique combination of shoegaze rock and '60s throwback harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys and the Mamas and the Papas. Their debut Crazy for You was a surprise hit for an indie release-reaching the Billboard Top 40. Cosentino talks to Jim and Greg about her own musical roots (Dad performed with 70's rock band War), rock heroes (Stevie Nicks) and personal writing style. She's joined by band mates Bobb Bruno on guitars and Ali Koehler, formerly of The Vivian Girls, on drums for a live performance in the studio.

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Vivian GirlsThe Vivian Girls available on iTunes

The Vivian Girls The Vivian Girls

The next album up for review is from The Vivian Girls. The band is getting a lot of buzz, particularly after the recent CMJ Conference. They get their name from the controversial artist Henry Darger, and both Jim and Greg think you can hear his themes of innocence and violence in the Vivian Girls' music. The production is extremely lo-fi, but the record is filled with wonderfully complicated and short pop songs. The Vivian Girls gets another double Buy It.

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Best Albums of 2008

Jim and Greg listened to hundreds of albums this year. Which ones soared to the top? Check out their lists for the Best Albums of 2008 below. You can also see what albums made the cut in years past in our Lists section.

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