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Music for Men (Deluxe Version)Music for Men available on iTunes

The Gossip Music for Men

Next up is a review of Music for Men, the major label debut from The Gossip. The underground trio is fronted by Beth Ditto, whom Jim describes as a feminist and gay activist, as well as a "Fat-Activist." Her onstage persona caught the attention of superstar producer Rick Rubin, who brought the band to Columbia. Unfortunately, as Greg relays, Rubin did the band no favors. The drumming sounds crisp and precise, but Ditto's voice has been stripped of its bluesy passion. A disheartened Jim agrees. If he weren‘t married, and Ditto weren’t gay, Jim says he'd want to marry her. But you get none of her life force on this album. Both critics give Music for Men a Trash It.

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Buried Treasures

The early winter months may be a sleepy time for major-label record releases, but tons of great music is still hovering under the radar. Jim and Greg dig up some of their favorite "Buried Treasures" during this week's show. The latest installment of undiscovered gems include:

  • The Album Leaf, Into the Blue Again
  • The Paybacks, Love, Not Reason
  • The Gossip, Standing in the Way of Control
  • The Polyphonic Spree, Wait
  • The Memory Band, Apron Strings
  • Wild Carnations, Superbus
  • Tokyo Police Club, A Lesson in Time
  • Benjy Ferree, Leavin the Nest
  • Imogen Heap, Speak for Yourself
  • Emily Haines, Knives Don't Have Your Back
  • Espers, Espers II
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Turkey Shoot 2009

Every year Jim and Greg celebrate Thanksgiving with the Sound Opinions Turkey Shoot. They take out the year's biggest musical turkeys-albums from normally great artists that fell flat. Hope you're hungry…here are six turkeys for your feast.

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