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Night WorkNight Work available on iTunes

The Scissor Sisters Night Work

The Scissor Sisters became a hit with singles like "Comfortably Numb" and "Take Your Mama," especially in the U.K. But they haven't been able to translate that success to album sales in the states. Jim and Greg don't think the 3rd release Night Work will do much better. They both appreciate the camp pop elements, but hear nothing special and nothing new. Greg is willing to recommend listeners Burn It, but Jim says Trash It.

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Ta-DahTa-Dah available on iTunes

The Scissor Sisters Ta-Dah

Next up is the sophomore effort from The Scissor Sisters, Ta-Dah. It's a common misconception that this quintet hails from the U.K. While they have received most of their success across the pond, this gender-bending pop group actually hails from New York City. Scissor Sisters had hits the first time around with singles like "Take Your Mama" and "Comfortably Numb," but the question was whether their schtick was too schticky to last. Greg, for one, really enjoyed Ta-Dah. He thinks that the music is fun and upbeat and perfect for singles play on your iPod. But he thought Jake Shears' (get it? "Shears!") falsetto was difficult to take for an entire album and can only give Ta-Dah a Burn It. Jim liked the album a bit more than Greg. He described it as an amalgam of the best glam, pop, and disco music that you would've heard on '70s AM radio. However, like Greg, he only recommends listeners Burn It.

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