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The Life Pursuit (Bonus Tracks)The Life Pursuit available on iTunes

Belle and Sebastian The Life Pursuit

Scottish indie pop band Belle and Sebastian recently put out their seventh studio release, and Jim and Greg are in agreement about this one. On The Life Pursuit, the band turned to producer Tony Hoffer to break its mold. The result is a sound that is tougher, poppier, and not overly precious. Like Ray Davies, singer/songwriter Stuart Murdoch is a witty and often acerbic lyricist who wrestles with feeling like an outsider. He tackles issues of identity and religion, but wraps it up in an up-tempo, disco-inspired package. The result is a double Buy It rating.

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Write About Love (Bonus Track Version)Write About Love available on iTunes

Belle & Sebastian Write About Love

For their latest release Write About Love, Scots Belle & Sebastian have yet again traded rainy Glasgow for sunny Los Angeles. On their last release, The Life Pursuit, this sun translated into a more upbeat dance record. But, now they have returned to their orchestral folk roots, and Greg wishes they had continued moving forward with their sound, rather than backwards. He appreciates singer Stuart Murdoch's vocals and witty lyrics, but this feels like a retreat. Greg gives Write About Love a Burn It rating. Jim thinks Greg hasn't been this wrong in a long time. He agrees that The Life Pursuit was a welcome change of pace, but really loves this album as well. It is toned down, but not precious and more full of edge. Simply put, Write About Love puts Jim in a great mood and he gives the record a Buy It.

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