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“Ooh La La”The Faces,The Faces

After talking about the Isley Brothers' extensive box set earlier, it reminded Greg of another box set he recently received by British rockers, The Faces. The band, which included members Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, was often perceived as a group of drunken rogues and were most famous for their song "Stay With Me." Even though a number of the key members are now long gone, the group influenced acts like Wilco and The Replacements with their English rock sound. Despite their rowdy reputation, their song lyrics indicate that they were actually just young men afraid of having their hearts broken. For this episode's Desert Island Jukebox pick, Greg wanted to play the title track from their last album, "Ooh La La" that really highlights Ronnie Wood's singing as well as his songwriting skills (he co-authored the track with bandmate Ronnie Lane.)

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Sam Smith and Tom Petty: two names you wouldn‘t normally put together are in the news this week because the Brit’s Grammy-nominated smash hit "Stay With Me" apparently shares some similarities with Petty's "I Won't Back Down." The Petty camp reached out to Smith's camp and settled the dispute by giving Petty and co-writer Jeff Lynne a song writing credit. But they shouldn't expect a trophy next week, says the Recording Academy.

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