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Turkey Shoot 2014

Turkey Shoot: It's Turkey time! Dip these albums in the deep fryers (safely of course). Here are the albums that most let Jim and Greg down in 2014:

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Songs of Innocence (Deluxe Edition)Songs of Innocence available on iTunes

U2 Songs of Innocence

Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen, Jr. and Adam Clayton have certainly made headlines with their free iTunes release Songs of Innocence. It seems not all music fans want everything for free. But not as much has been said about the album content itself. So, Jim and Greg are here to give it a Buy It, Burn It or Trash It rating. Greg doesn't pull any punches. He says "This is what a dinosaur does in its last days"—trying the same old moves in an effort to survive. The soft rock album lacks originality and spirit, a fact made more galling by nods to music greats like Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer. And don't forget about all the pretension, Jim adds. U2's Songs of Innocence gets a double Trash It.

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Music News

Last week, Irish rock band U2 invited itself into your home (or rather, your iTunes library) without a formal invitation. In a shrewd distribution move by the band, U2 partnered with technology giant Apple to share its new album Songs of Innocence for free with its 500 million iTunes users. Apple reportedly paid the band $100 million dollars for the honor, which Jim and Greg know is a better sum than Bono and company would receive through traditional sales. So far, 33 million people have accessed Songs of Innocence, but not everyone was excited about their free gift—prompting Apple to release an official“removal tool.”Jim can't help but laugh, wishing he had this tool from the beginning of his on-again, off-again relationship with U2.

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