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Philip Sherburne

EDM - or Electronic Dance Music - has exploded over the past decade in Europe and the United States. But if names like Skrillex, Tiesto, Deadmau5, and David Guetta mean nothing to you, never fear. Jim and Greg have brought in Spin's Philip Sherburne, author of the“Control Voltage”blog, to offer a primer for the un-initiated. They kick off the conversation with a discussion of the genre's recent evolution: from the short-lived nineties rave scene with its anonymous DJs spinning in dark rooms, to the audio/visual spectacles presided over by celebrity DJs that we see today. A new emphasis on showmanship, and the adoption of dub step's aggressive, bass-heavy beats have won superstar producers like Skrillex, Tiesto, and Rusko a huge, youthful following says Sherburne, effectively making EDM the new stadium rock. But he'd also suggest keeping your eye on the up-and-comers, artists like SBTRKT, Four Tet, and Caribou.

Wrapping things up, Jim and Greg put the new artists we've heard in historical context. After all, as Jim says, covering dance music can give you deja vu. Greg reminds us that todays EDM producers are following in the footsteps of disco artists like Giorgio Moroder, Chicago house and techno musicians, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim, and - dare we say it - Brian Eno.

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Jim and Greg kick off the show by talking to Dr. Bob MacCallum, a bioinformaticist at Imperial College London (don‘t worry - we don’t know what bioinformaticist means either). Dr. Bob studies mosquito DNA during the day, but by night, he's the guru behind Darwin Tunes, a site that explores how music might evolve if exposed to the pressures of Darwinian natural selection. At, users decide which randomly generated musical loops are melodious and“fit”enough to survive and mingle their musical DNA with other loops.“Musical sex”(Bob's words - not ours) results in baby loops, which can be surprisingly catchy. No, chances are the next Skrillex record won‘t be made this way, but as elevator music, it’s not bad.

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