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Flight of the Conchords Flight of the Conchords

One of the most successful music acts this year actually comes from TV. Flight of the Conchords, the fictional band portrayed on the HBO series of the same name, has a new self-titled album. And, while they're stuggling musicians on their show, the duo debuted at #3 on the billboard pop chart, outselling Ashlee Simpson. There's a long tradition of satirical rock acts, from Spinal Tap to theMetalocalypse's Dethklok, but Greg thinks that Flight of the Conchords is better suited to the small screen than his CD player. The first couple of songs were smart, but after that he thought the parody went sour. Jim dismisses Greg as a scrooge; he loves the faux-folk music and thinks the music matches the humor. Flight of the Conchords gets a Trash It from Greg and a Buy It from Jim.

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