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The Best Songs of 2010 - Mixtapes

At the end of each year, Jim and Greg look back and pick out their favorite songs to make you a mixtape. Think of it as a soundtrack for 2010. They both play samples of the mix during the show, but you can stream both compilations in their entirety.

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Music News

Some of the biggest songs today haven‘t and never will hit radio airwaves. At last week’s MTV VMA's, Kanye West debuted a song from his forthcoming album called "Runaway." It's packed full of radio-unfriendly words, but it's a surprising mea culpa from the notoriously arrogant rapper. Also surprising is Cee-Lo Green's kiss-off track "F**k You." Cee-Lo is known for his dark sense of humor, but not necessarily his anger. And these major stars are forced to release their music through unconventional means. It makes Jim and Greg wonder if terrestrial radio is a little out of touch.

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