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River: The Joni LettersRiver: The Joni Letters available on iTunes

Herbie Hancock River: The Joni Letters

So did Hancock deserve the award? Herbie Hancock is a critically acclaimed pianist who many listeners will remember for composing the 1983 jazz-hip hop fusion track "Rockit." But, according to Greg, this is a case of“right artist, wrong year.”Hancock's winning album River: The Joni Letters is by no means the musician's finest work. With the exception of the one track on which Joni Mitchell sings, most of the songs have unsuccessful vocals. Greg gives this“muzak”album a Burn It. Jim calls River a“stultifyingly mediocre record”that isn't a fair representation of the year in music. The Recording Academy might give the album an award, but he gives it a Trash It.

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