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Let's Go Eat the FactoryLet's Go Eat the Factory available on iTunes

Guided By Voices Let's Go Eat the Factory

Eight years after the band broke up, Jim and Greg are listening to a new Guided By Voices record. Let's Go Eat the Factory comes to us from GBV's 1993“classic lineup”including the band's main songwriter Robert Pollard and guitarist and songwriter Tobin Sprout. Back in the ‘90s this prolific indie band rode the alternative wave, finding mainstream success with their brand of Brit-pop inspired post-punk. What’ve they got for us this time? No surprises here, Greg says. This is a classic GBV record with the band's trademark mix of arty experiments and proto arena rock. There are a lot of songs here, and they're not all good, but the great ones are really great. Greg credits Sprout and says Burn it. Jim agrees; there are a few good songs on this album, but he's tired of wading through all the filler and failed experiments to get to them. It's about time GBV started self-editing. He says Trash it.

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From a Compound EyeA Compound Eye available on iTunes

Robert Pollard A Compound Eye

Next up is a review of A Compound Eye, the first solo release from ex-Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard — and our hosts couldn't disagree more. Sound Opinions fans know that, like the spirited debates about Bruce Springsteen, the GBV/Pollard dispute is almost as old as time. Jim starts off by expressing his wish that Pollard took more time to polish the tracks on this album. Greg disagrees, and finds the lack of polish part the music's lo-fi charm. Jim also thinks that Pollard is, as always, too prolific of a songwriter, and that over half of the album is just“self-indulgent clatter.”Thus, it's a Trash It. For Greg, though, A Compound Eye is a beautiful, eclectic double album rolled into one. He recommends fans go out and Buy It.

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Late Bloomers

It's not where you start, it's where you finish! Jim and Greg are showing their love for the late bloomers of music - artists who either didn't achieve success or even start their careers until later in life.

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