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Buried Treasures

With the sheer volume of music released every week there's always something good flying under the radar. Jim and Greg shine a light on those as often as possible- this time joined by The Current's morning host, Jade.

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Before 2019 gets too far back in our rearview mirror, Greg tackles the timeless art of making a mixtape. His annual mixtape features songs from the past twelve months, and Greg notes that they serve as audio diaries to help him remember the year.

  1. Sneaks, "And We're Off"
  2. The Comet Is Coming, "Summon the Fire"
  3. Fontaines D.C., "Boys in the Better Land"
  4. Bob Mould, "I Fought"
  5. Pist Idiots, "Motor Runnin"
  6. Kills Birds, "Volcano"
  7. Mini Meltdowns, "I Wanna Die"
  8. Pip Blom, "Daddy Issues"
  9. Control Top, "Chain Reaction"
  10. Cherry Glazerr, "Wasted Nun"
  11. Motorcade, "Oblivion"
  12. Automatic, "Highway"
  13. Chaka Khan, "Too Hot"
  14. Michael Kiwanuka, "I've Been Dazed"
  15. Lana Del Rey, "Mariners Apartment Complex"
  16. Sharon Van Etten, "Seventeen"
  17. Sturgill Simpson, "Last Man Standing"
  18. Raphael Saadiq, "Rikers Island"
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