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Two SunsTwo Suns available on iTunes

Bat for Lashes Two Suns

Now onto something you might want to buy at a record store. Jim and Greg first review the latest album from Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes. The British artist's first album was nominated for a Mercury Prize. Now she is back with Two Suns. Jim and Greg hear a lot of heavy subtext in the songs, half of which are sung from the perspective of Khan's alter-ego Pearl. Greg thinks these tracks are the most interesting. The melodies and hooks aren't that insistent on this record, but listeners who pay attention will hear some really complicated stuff. For ambition alone, Greg gives Two Suns a Buy It rating. Jim admits that this album will not be everyone's cup of tea. But, that's what he loves about it. He also gives Bat for Lashes a Buy It.

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rock doctors

Mark Crilley

Those of you lucky enough to be able to work to music know that finding a perfect soundtrack isn‘t always easy. There’s the matter of tempo, lyrics and beats. And for acclaimed comic book creator, children's book writer/illustrator and graphic novelist Mark Crilley, the challenge is“vibe.”His latest series for Dark Horse is Brody's Ghost. It follows a serial killer hunter, and the material is much darker than his Akiko and Miki Falls series. Dark art calls for dark tunes, but Mark is a self-proclaimed musical“softie.”So he contacted the Rock Doctors to get a prescription for albums that are edgy, but still full of pop hooks and melody.

Dr. Kot prescribed Stridulum II by Zola Jesus. The Wisconsin native combines an operatic voice and Gothic keyboards to create musical psychodramas. After taking his medicine for a week, Mark decides that a couple of the tracks will make his playlist, but for the most part this album was too dark. Dr. DeRogatis prescribed The Haunted Man by Bat for Lashes. This is Natasha Khan's third release, and Mark fell in love with moody lyrics and surprising production. The Haunted Man worked like a miracle pill, and he‘ll be going back for this one while working on the 4th installment of Brody’s Ghost. Look for it next spring.

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