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Just Like the Fambly CatJust Like the Fambly Cat available on iTunes

Grandaddy Just Like the Fambly Cat

Jim and Greg get back into serious critic mode to review two important new releases. First up is Just Like the Fambly Cat by indie rock group Grandaddy. This is the fourth and final album for the Californians, as singer/songwriter Jason Lytle decided to dissolve the band during the making of this record in favor of a simpler life. The conflict between modernity and nature has been a major theme in all of Lytle's songwriting. A key to understanding this is the band's hometown of Modesto — while it is surrounded by the beautiful Northern California landscape, the city is also a victim of homogenized, suburban sprawl. (Its motto even boasts Modesto as the city of "Water, Wealth, Contentment and Health.") Modesto also has an eerie connection to two of the most infamous crimes in recent times: Both Lacey Peterson and Chandra Levy hail from he city. So, Jim and Greg understand why Lytle might want to leave. And they both agree that this album is a beautiful note to go out on. Just Like the Fambly Cat gets two Buy Its.

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