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“Losing True”The Roches

Greg was inspired by a conversation he had at SXSW with a fan of The Roches, a sister group from New York City in the late '70s/early '80s. While British female-led post-punk bands like The Slits and The Raincoats are celebrated, their American counterparts like The Roches are often overlooked. Sisters Maggie, Terre, and Suzzy Roche began singing Christmas carols door-to-door, but were later recruited by Paul Simon to sing backup vocals. They had an artier, weirder strain than most others in the folk scene, with lyrics that could be very funny or extremely poignant. Robert Fripp of King Crimson became a huge fan and produced two of their records. Fripp's guitar line on "Losing True" combines with the sisters' rich vocals to create what Greg calls a celestial sound, landing it a spot in the Desert Island Jukebox.

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Music News

A couple of President Donald Trump's first executive actions have some musicians worried about their art and their livelihoods. This week President Trump tapped Ajit Pai as the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. The pick has indepent music labels and artists worried about the future of net neutrality rules. Net neutrality is the practice of requiring internet service providers to treat all wesbties and apps equally, and not provide premium services for individual companies. For example, allowing for quicker access to one music streaming service, while slowing down another. Pai is a noted critic of net neutrality and feels the regulations get in the way of innovation. He recently said it was time to take a "weed whacker" to net neutrality. Additionally, the Hill recently reported that President Trump's budget may eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. That organization provides funding for artistic endeavors including music.

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