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Greg says that British avant electronic artist FKA twigs named her sophomore effort MAGDALENE after the biblical Mary Magdalene, a woman in The Bible who was“…miscast as a sex worker by a Pope. People don‘t realize that she was basically another disciple, and one of the greatest advocates of Jesus Christ’s teachings in the Bible.”Greg adds that to FKA twigs, Mary Magdalene represents all women“who have ever felt misunderstood, demeaned, mischaracterized… basically all women throughout history.”MAGDALENE features her sweet soprano voice contrasting with what Greg terms "crunchy production… This record is art-pop to the max." He compares her style to Kate Bush. Jim agrees, but adds that FKA's genre-hopping also reminds him of Bjork at her best, and can be seen as a companion piece to Lana Del Rey's Norman F *#$%&$ Rockwell. But beyond the comparisons, Jim asserts that FKA Twigs has "a personality all her own, commenting on where romance fits in her life [and] where women fit in the world at this moment," adding“it's a really smart, and very gripping record.”

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