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Georgia-born musician Mackenzie Scott emerged out of the Nashville scene in 2013 with a critically-lauded debut under the moniker Torres. Her 2015 followup Sprinter, recorded with PJ Harvey collaborator Rob Ellis, has earned even more acclaim, including a spot in Greg's Best of 2015 (So Far) list. Torres joined Jim and Greg in the studio to discuss her emotionally charged and unconventional songwriting. She became devoted to music early on, idolizing Taylor Swift as a teen and then earning a college degree in songwriting. Her songs are both intensely personal and also sung behind the guise of characters, drawing inspiration from varied sources like the Old Testament and J.D. Salinger. Torres explains how music allows her to confront feelings about her childhood when other methods of communication have failed.

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Hooked On Sonics: Torres

Torres "The first time I heard that song, it was one of those drop everything kind of moments" is how singer and songwriter Mackenzie Scott - AKA Torres - explains the moment she heard "The Phantom of the Opera." For our occasional series Hooked on Sonics, we talk with musicians about the song that inspired them to start singing, pick up an instrument, or write a song. When Torres first heard this work by Andrew Lloyd Weber around the age of 14,“something flipped”and she wanted to sing. She says the pairing of melody and harsh sounds in Phantom is something she tries to capture in her own music.

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