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SXSW 2008

Every year Jim and Greg return from SXSW with a list of“freshman”bands they recommend listeners check out. You can read Jim and Greg's complete SXSW reports here. And check out last year's picks to see where they are now. Here's the 2008 class:

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Hold on Now, YoungsterHold on Now, Youngster... available on iTunes

Los Campesinos! Hold on Now, Youngster...

Welsh group Los Campesinos! has released their first full length album called Hold on Now, Youngster…. The seven-piece indie pop band first appeared on Greg's radar at SXSW. He was impressed by their exuberance, but admits that you have to be in the right mood for that level of enthusiasm. The formula can't sustain an entire album though, so Greg gives Hold On Now, Youngster… a Try It. Jim agrees about the rating, but was more put off by the band's lyrics. Like many indie bands today, these songwriters can be mighty pretentious. Jim really wanted to love this album, so he gives Los Campesinos! an angry Try It.

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