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New MoonNew Moon available on iTunes

Elliott Smith New Moon

Elliott Smith passed away in 2003 due to an apparent suicide, though, that is still not official. Before his death he recorded five solo albums and performed with the band Heatmiser. He had an intense fan base that hasn't diminished in his death. In 2004 his family and friends released From a Basement on the Hill. Now they've released New Moon, a two-CD collection of songs Smith recorded for the Kill Rock Stars label between 1994 and 1997. Greg explains that this collection really helps you hear his growth as a songwriter. He doesn't agree with notions that these are lo-fi, basement recordings. Rather, the recording is well done and the songwriting top-notch. He gives it a Buy It. Jim agrees saying that Smith would've been proud to release everything on New Moon, and he likes it better than From a Basement. He also gives it a Buy It.

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The Best of 2007… So Far

Jim and Greg just couldn‘t wait until the end of the year to start picking their favorite albums, so they’ve decided to name their 2007 mid-year best.

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Music News

The first news item this week is a sad one for Jim, Greg and all indie music fans in and outside of Chicago. Long-time label Touch and Go Records has announced that it is shrinking its business and cutting ties with more than 20 other indie labels. Label founder Corey Rusk made a statement explaining that Touch and Go can no longer afford to provide manufacturing and distribution services to such labels as Drag City, Flameshovel and Kill Rock Stars. This announcement is especially disheartening since it comes on the heels of the label's 25th anniversary.

Anyone who discounted Madonna after she turned 50 will be surprised to hear that she is as relevant as ever — at least commercially. According to Billboard, the pop star is the top-earning artist of 2008 with over $240 million. As Jim and Greg explain, this is not just good news for Madonna, but for her 360 promoters Live Nation. Distantly trailing the Material Girl are Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, The Police and Celine Dion — not a youngin' in the bunch.

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