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Kim Shattuck and Ed Ackerson Obituaries

ginger ginger Before Jim memorialized the late Muffs' lead singer Kim Shattuck, he wanted to say farewell to an old Minneapolis compatriot, Ed Ackerson. Ackerson was a member of impactful bands like Polara, the 27 Various, the Dig and produced for artists like Soul Asylum, the Jayhawks and the Replacements. He died recently at age 54.

Kim Shattuck, who sang lead vocals and played guitar in her band the Muffs, died recently as well at age 56 from ALS. Kim and the punk band the Muffs were signed to Warner Brothers Records and they made several artistically successful albums. Most famously, their cover of "Kids in America" was featured prominently in the film Clueless.

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